Face Masks for Kids

Face Masks for Kids
We're excited to announce we are manufacturing Masks for Kids!
This is a unique collection of reusable cotton face masks, designed with kids in mind.
With over 25 reversible prints to choose from, we have a style to match every little person with a BIG personality.


Comfort & safety are our top priorities when designing Masks for Kids.
Made from high thread count quilting cotton, you can take comfort in knowing we’ve used
the science of mask making  to inspire our designs. We use (latex free) ear loops that can be untied and converted into longer ties to be used with
A) an adjustable baseball cap
B) a ponytail or bun  
C) behind the ears
With a baby on the hip, and children by your side we understand parents have their hands full when navigating through these challenging times. That's why we have tested our masks with both Mom & Kiddo to see what works best. Masks For Kids are designed without any pleats. We found the less bulk on the face the less a child will fuss and ultimately won't touch their face trying to readjust. Instead, we use curved seams that are form fitting for every little facial feature.  
After trying several ear ties, we came across the perfect tie that won't irritate your child's ears. The latex free elastic is round in shape, small but strong, and will withstand use over time. If the ties are lost or damaged, they can easily be replaced as they are not sewn into the mask, but weave through the masks side channel. 
On sale now for a limited time only
*not included in 40% off promo
All masks are final sale

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