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Why We Love (And You Will Too) The Comfort Waistband Pant

Posted on 15 January 2016

Dressing your newborn is never an easy task. For years, parents everywhere have battled through those midnight diaper changes, tried to tame those wiggly little legs, and even managed to have a chuckle when dealing with the stiff-as-a-board stretch. 

Here's why we love 'The Comfort Waistband Pant' (and you will too):

Comfortable, stretchy pants for preemie and newborn infants.

The Umbilical Stump

We often forget when a baby is born, he or she will likely have an umbilical clamp on for days or even weeks. Tight elastic or button up pants, may rub this tender area and be very uncomfortable. 

Full Tummy vs. Empty Tummy

Lets face it, we all have moments where stretchy sweatpants are our best friend. This is especially true after eating a big meal. And much like yourself, your baby's stomach will expand and contract with every feeding. The 'Comfort Waistband Pant' is made from a unique cotton fabric that will adapt to your baby's ever expanding little tummy. Remember, a comfortable baby is a happy baby!

Wiggly Little Legs

Babies are always on the move. They kick. They squirm. They wiggle. This is why stretchy comfortable clothing is essential. Our 'Comfort Waistband Pant' gives the freedom needed to move without feeling restricted, and eliminates that infamous pink belly mark left from pants that are just too tight. 

Exclusive to our brand, the 'Comfort Waistband Pant' has rapidly become a must-have product for every new mom!



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